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Decision : 17 EXT BUR V.B.2.2.1
Examination of requests for International Assistance - Regional training course of Maghreb architects (1994 and 1995, Tunisia)


B.2 Requests for which the Bureau formulated a recommendation to the Committee

B.2.2 Training

B.2.2.1 Regional training course of Maghreb architects for the conservation and protection of cultural monuments and sites (1994 and 1995, Tunisia)

The Bureau decided to recommend the Committee to approve a request for training for the amount of US$ 50,000 under the 1994 budget for a two-year (1994-1995) post university course for about twenty graduates from the region of the Maghreb that will be organized by the National· Heritage Institute of Tunisia in close pedagogical and technical collaboration with ICCROM and ICOMOS, with the understanding that a request for the same amount for 1995 will be presented to the Committee at its eighteenth session.


Context of Decision
Themes: International Assistance
States Parties: Tunisia
Year: 1993
Decision Code: 17 EXT BUR V.B.2.2.1