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Decision : CONF 002 XV
Inscription: Danube Delta (Romania)

Danube Delta




The Committee noted with satisfaction that the recommendations of the Bureau had been taken into account, namely that the Romanian authorities have redefined the boundaries of the property, started to elaborate a management plan and set up a local authority for protection and management. The Committee was informed by the Representative of Romania of the present state of legal protection of the area, the implication of the adoption of the new Constitution of Romania for the legal status of the property and further efforts envisaged by the Government to enhance protection and restoration. In the light of the assurances given, the Committee decided to inscribe this property and requested the Secretariat and IUCN to provide a progress report at its next session. Furthermore, the Committee also requested the Secretariat: a) to contact the Ukrainian authorities in order that they envisage the nomination of the Ukrainian part of this site for the inscription on the World Heritage List, so as to constitute a transborder site; and b) to develop agreements for protection with the countries of the Basin, notably within the framework of UNESCO "Blue Danube" project.



 Decisions Report
Context of Decision
Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Romania
Properties: Danube Delta
Year: 1991
Decision Code: CONF 002 XV