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Decision : CONF 201 VII.C.26
SOC: Bahla Fort (Oman)

VII.26 Bahla Fort (Oman)

The Bureau at its twentieth session was informed that an expert mission would visit the site. This mission was undertaken in September 1996 and several recommendations were made regarding conservation techniques, proj ect management etc. All of these were accepted by the Omani Government.

After having examined the report of the Secretariat on the expert mission to Bahla Fort, the Committee thanked the Omani authorities for their efforts towards safeguarding the site and the satisfactory use of traditional materials, and to have adopted the recommendations of the mission concerning, in particular:

- the adoption of a restoration policy supported by precise scientific documentation and avoiding all reconstruction;

- the establishment of a site commission, the competence of which should also include the environment;

- the implementation of emergency safeguarding and consolidation work, especially at the citadel, at Bait el Hadith and in the two outer mosques, as well as the establishment of a preventive conservation team;

- the compilation of exhaustive scientific, historical and architectural documentation, indispensable for the the site restoration in accordance with international of standards.

The Committee encouraged the Omani authorities to implement this programme as rapidly as possible, as they have indicated their will to do so. The Committee requested them to keep it informed on a regular basis of the progress achieved in the implementation of these measures.


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Context of Decision
Themes: Conservation, List of World Heritage in Danger
States Parties: Oman
Properties: Bahla Fort
Year: 1996
Decision Code: CONF 201 VII.C.26