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Decision : CONF 203 VIII.B.1
Inscription: The Semmering Railway (Austria)

Property: The Semmering Railway

Id. N°: 785

State Party: Austria

Criteria: C(ii)(iv)

The Committee inscribed this site on the World Heritage List on the basis of criteria (ii) and (iv):

Criterion (ii): The Semmering Railway represents an outstanding technological solution to a major physical problem in the construction of early railways.

Criterion (iv): With the construction of the Semmering Railway, areas of great natural beauty became more easily accessible and as a result these were developed for residential and recreational use, creating a new form of cultural landscape.

Several delegates supported this inscription as it reflected the inclusion on the World Heritage List of new categories of properties.


Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Austria
Properties: Semmering Railway
Year: 1998
Decision Code: CONF 203 VIII.B.1