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Decision : CONF 203 VII.A.2.19/21
SOC: Huascaran National Park (Peru)

VII. 19 Huascaran National Park (Peru)

The Committee recalled that the site was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1985 and that a report on the site was presented to the nineteenth session of the Bureau. In addition, the IUCN Representative informed the Committee about (a) the need for an inventory of cultural heritage within the Park to be undertaken, and (b) road proposals which might become a serious threat to the integrity of the World Heritage site.

The Committee thanked the Peruvian authorities for the arrangements made to facilitate the IUCN mission to the Huascaran National Park World Heritage site.

The Committee commended the commitment of the Chief of Huascaran National Park and the Director-General of Protected Natural Areas and wildlife for their stewardship of the site.

The Committee, however, expressed concern at the low level of financial support for the site's management and urged the authorities to allocate additional resources in recognition of the importance of the Park as a World Heritage site and its value for education and tourism.

The Committee recommended that an archaeological/historical heritage inventory be compiled to facilitate conservation of the cultural elements of the site.

The Committee noted with concern reports that there are proposals to develop roads within the site and invited the Peruvian authorities to provide clarification on this issue.


 Decisions Report
Themes: Conservation
States Parties: Peru
Year: 1995
Decision Code: CONF 203 VII.A.2.19/21