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Decision : CONF 208 X.A
Historic Centre of Vienna (Austria)

Property: Historic Centre of Vienna

Id. N°: 1033

State Party: Austria

Criteria: C (ii) (iv) (vi)

The Committee inscribed the Historic Centre of Vienna on the World Heritage List under criteria (ii), (iv), and (vi):

Criterion (ii): The urban and architectural qualities of the Historic Centre of Vienna bear outstanding witness to a continuing interchange of values throughout the second millennium.

Criterion (iv): Three key periods of European cultural and political development - the Middle Ages, the Baroque period, and the Gründerzeit - are exceptionally well illustrated by the urban and architectural heritage of the Historic Centre of Vienna.

Criterion (vi): Since the 16th century Vienna has been universally acknowledged to be the musical capital of Europe.

While taking note of the efforts already made for the protection of the historic town of Vienna, the Committee recommended that the State Party undertake the necessary measures to review the height and volume of the proposed new development near the Stadtpark, east of the Ringstrasse, so as not to impair the visual integrity of the historic town. Furthermore, the Committee recommended that special attention be given to continuous monitoring and control of any changes to the morphology of the historic building stock.


 Decisions Report
Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Austria
Year: 2001
Decision Code: CONF 208 X.A