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Decision : 32 COM 8B.52
Examination of nominations and minor modifications to the boundaries of naturel, mixed and cultural properties to the World Heritage List - Sulaiman-Too Sacred Mountain (KYRGYZSTAN)

The World Heritage Committee,

1.   Having examined Documents WHC-08/32.COM/8B.Add and WHC-08/32.COM/INF.8B1.Add,

2.   Refers the nomination of Sulaiman-Too Sacred Mountain, Kyrgyzstan, back to the State Party to allow it to:

  • a) stop the construction of an aerial ropeway, suspend and then revise the project for a new mosque to reduce its height and impact, and find alternative solutions to the need for more houses in the buffer zone to avoid high-rise buildings;
  • b) create a Site Management Council to implement the Management Plan, and augment the Plan with an Action Plan;
  • c) put in place the formal protection of the nominated site through incorporating it and the Buffer Zone into the city plan to give both of them effect as part of the overall zoning plan for the city, through finalising the Protection Zoning Project document as part of the Urban Master Plan.
Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Kyrgyzstan
Year: 2008
Decision Code: 32 COM 8B.52