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Decision : 31 COM 7B.22
State of conservation of World Heritage Properties - Dong Phayayen Kaho Yai Forest Complex

The World Heritage Committee,

1.Having examined Document WHC-07/31.COM/7B;

2.Recalling Decision 29 COM 8B.11, adopted as its 29th session (Durban, 2005);

3.Commends the State Party for the progress made in adressing the recommendations adopted by the Committee at the time of inscription of the property to enhance its integrity, and in particular the elaboration and adoption in November 2006 of a Management Plan for Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex (DPKY-FC) and the development of ecological corridors;

4.Notes with concern the proposal to widen Road 304 highway from two lanes to four lanes, which would create additional problems for the integrity of the ecosystems and species of this property;

5.Request the State Party to carry out an environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the proposed Road upgrading and ensure that there is no negative impact on the integrity of the property from such project;

6.Also request the State Party to provide the World Heritage Centre by 1 February 2008 with a report on the state of conservation of the property, in particular on the environmental impact assessment of the proposed upgrading of Road 304 and progress with the implementation of the corridor project, for the examination by the Committee at its 32nd session in 2008.

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Context of Decision
Themes: Conservation
States Parties: Thailand
Year: 2007
Decision Code: 31 COM 7B.22