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World Heritage

1 - General Policies Regarding the World Heritage Convention

1.1 - Fundamental World Heritage policies

1.1.3 - Funding

Decision of the World Heritage Committee 27 COM 11.3

4. “[The World Heritage Committee] encourages the World Heritage Centre to develop bilateral agreements with States Parties as well as partnerships with multilateral organisations, the private sector and other actors with a view to securing additional resources for the following priorities:

(i) Reinforcement of the staff of the World Heritage Centre,

(ii) Emergency International Assistance,

(iii) International Assistance to properties inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger,

(iv) Other International Assistance to States Parties, with priority to Preparatory Assistance,

(v) Funds to ensure that the Advisory Bodies have sufficient resources to enable them fulfill their obligations under the Convention”.
Date (year):  2003
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