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Restoration of a Terraced House in Cannaregio

The first stage of Venice in Peril’s (VIP) exciting venture into the conservation of historic housing in Venice also reached completion during the year.

This Superintendency-led project brought together an international team of undergraduate and doctoral students, academics and professional engineers and architects to produce a prototype, conservation-based plan for the restoration of a typical terraced house in Cannaregio. The almost derelict building was last restructured 200 years ago but in parts dates back at least to the sixteenth century. One of the interesting and valuable aspects of the project is that the plans must take account of the fact that the building is part of the public housing stock and so must match the principles of conservation to the practical needs dictated by the city’s housing policy. The City Council has undertaken to use the plans to carry out the restoration and VIP will publish and distribute a final report.

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