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Restoration of the Querini Stampalia Foundation

The Comité français pour la sauvegarde de Venise began the restoration and refurbishment of two frescoed rooms in the Querini Stampalia Foundation, once occupied by the Serenissima's last ambassador to France.

The removal of crude nineteenth-century overpainting has revealed an almost complete original decorative scheme that quite transforms the rooms concerned. T

hey will be reopened as part of the Museum as soon as new wall-hangings are installed. In another of the city's museums, Cà Rezzonico, the Venice International Foundation is continuing its restoration of the entire cycle of the frescoes that Giandomenico Tiepolo painted originally for the family's country house at Zianigo.

Lead Organization / Sector / Office: Comité Français pour la Sauvegarde de Venise
Associated Organization(s): Venice International Foundation

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Duration: Project started in 1999