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Senegal: support for the development of the country’s cultural heritage inventory

The President of the Republic of Senegal (by Decree 2001-1065 of 20 December 2001) has assigned the Ministry of Culture (in particular, the Department of Cultural Heritage) to achieve the inventory of historical sites and monuments of Senegal over the next five years.

In 2003, the first phase of the inventory work was implemented in partnership with the Culture Sector of UNESCO and the France-UNESCO Convention through a workshop that was held in Dakar on inventories, which aimed to establish a general methodology in terms of technical and methodological assistance for the preparation of a national heritage inventory.

In 2004, a fieldwork was conducted in Dakar that focused on designing and implementation of a computerized database of texts and photos in addition to training of the personnels.  This was followed by bilateral and multilateral assistance in 2005 which included the follow up of the progress of field surveys, fine-tuning and adapting to the database and training of the personnels.


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