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Yaduataba Crested Iguana Sanctuary

Date of Submission: 26/10/1999
Criteria: (x)
Category: Natural
Submitted by:
National Trust for Fiji
Coordinates: Island of Yaduataba, south west of the large island of Vanua Levu.
Ref.: 1376
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The Crested Iguana, Brachylopus vitiensis is found in large populations on the island of Yaduataba. The uninhabitated island is a rainshadow island with less than 180cm of rain per year. The vegetation is comprised of a mixture of beach forest, introduced Casaurina scrub, disused copra plantations, coastal scrub and grassland. Wildlife is limited to migratory birds, tree skinks and geckos. The species is aboreal, rarely descending to the forest floor except to oviposit. Males are territorial and both sexes are omnivorous.