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Hyrkan State Reservation

Date of Submission: 30/09/1998
Criteria: (vii)(x)
Category: Natural
Submitted by:
Azerbaijan National Commission for UNESCO Veliyev Shakir Husseyin
Coordinates: Long. 48°45'50" E , Lat. 38°30'34" N
Ref.: 1174
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Hyrkan State Reservation is situatod in southest part of Azerbaijan Republic, on the coast of the Caspian Sea, in Lankaran Administrative District at 38° 30' 34" of northérn latitude and 48° 45'50" of eastern longitude.

The reservation was established by the Decree No. 272 of June 18, 1969 of the Soviet of Ministers. Its territory is 2,9 thousand hectares and is protected by the State. The flora of the reservation consist of 1900 species; 162 of them are endemic, 95 of them are rare and 38 are being depletod and disappeared. There are widely spread valuable and unique trees in the tree stratum such as Ironwood (Porrotia persica), Persimmon (Diospyrus lotus), Silk Tree (Albir~ia julibrissin), Chestnut-leaved Oak (Quercus castaneifolia), Hyrkan Fig (Ficus hyrcana), Hyrkan Zelkova (Zelkowa carpunifolia) etc. There a unique fauna in the reservation as well.

Hyrkan State Reservation is a unique natural territory in the Worid with its fascinating nature, rich vegetation, hills covered by endemic and relic trees and shrubs, with suitable subtropical climate.

Being adjacent the Caspian Sea, close to main roads and rail roads, the reservation is of great importance from the point of view of tourism and establishment of the national park. There are suitable conditions for this purpose in the Reservation.