While exact details of the route are still under cover, it has been announced that the Olympic Torch will be carried through Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage site (United Kingdom). The torch will be carried over the iron bridge which has stood for hundreds of years as a symbol of the Industrial Revolution and will then be carried along the River Severn before travelling on to Telford.

The museum is currently running two exhibitions as part of the Cultural Olympiad’s ‘Stories of The World’ initiative, and from March 23rd 2012, visitors will be able to visit CORE, a new digital art installation by international artist Kurt Hentschläger, where visitors will be able to glimpse into a weightless world populated by humanoid figures.

For further information about the museums contact the Ironbridge Tourist Information Centre on Tel: +44 (0)1952 433 424 or visit www.ironbridge.org.uk.