UNESCO's World Heritage Centre and HISTORY® are partnering to increase awareness about heritage preservation worldwide. As part of the three-year alliance,  HISTORY provides a monetary donation along with production services and marketing support to UNESCO's World Heritage Centre for a three year period. The announcement was made on Monday 12 September at the Tower of London (a World Heritage site) by Dr. Libby O'Connell, SVP Corporate Outreach and Chief Historian for HISTORY and Petya Totcharova, Chief of the Europe and North America Unit at the World Heritage Centre.

The objectives of the initiative are to enhance visibility of the World Heritage Convention's anniversary celebrations; to develop additional fund-raising programs and new partnerships; to mobilize new funding sources for World Heritage sites; and to create activities that educate the public about the need to conserve World Heritage sites across the world.

HISTORY will produce outreach materials, including fully-funded teaching resources, informative e-newsletters and a series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that will air in the U.S. on HISTORY International® and on HISTORY channels around the world, reaching more than 300 million TV households, in over 150 countries and 35 languages. In addition, UNESCO's World Heritage Centre will cross-brand on History.com and the "Save our History" website.

"HISTORY is honored to partner with UNESCO's World Heritage Centre to raise awareness about heritage preservation worldwide," said Dr O'Connell. "No organization can match UNESCO, with its global presence and remarkable 40 year history of accomplishment in this field. Joining forces, HISTORY brings its own commitment to heritage preservation, not only through our on air documentaries, but through public awareness, education, and celebration."

"We are very pleased with this partnership with HISTORY, as it will bring the importance of World Heritage preservation to the attention of a vast audience," said Ms Totcharova. "Not only does HISTORY have a worldwide network, it is clearly dedicated to education and heritage preservation. We welcome these efforts and look forward to marking the significant anniversary of the World Heritage Convention with such a committed partner."