Within the framework of the World Heritage Convention, the clarity and precision of the information made available to the States Parties are two essential requirements for an appropriate implementation of the principles relating to its functioning and its application at the level of each country. Experience has shown that many of these principles are generally not well assimilated by the responsible national authorities, due to a lack of skill, at different levels, of the information exchanged in the working languages of the Organization (English and French).

The World Heritage Centre estimated, therefore, that it was necessary to translate the main texts relating to the implementation of the World Heritage Convention and to make them available to the Arab States Parties by publishing them and making them accessible on its web site.

Thanks to the generous contribution of the Sultanate of Oman, all of the reference texts regarding the implementation of the World Heritage Convention have been translated into Arabic.

Within the framework of the project for the "Development of World Heritage Information Management Capacities in the Arab States", financed by the Flemish Fund to UNESCO (Belgium) and the "Follow-up to Periodic Reporting in the Arab States", the publication of a document entitled "Fundamental texts relating to the World Heritage Convention (1972)" has been launched and will be completed very soon.

Furthermore, two of these texts are already available in Arabic on the web site of the World Heritage Centre: