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Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves


Date Category Title
1999 Map Map of the inscribed property: Atlantic Forest S. E. Brazil


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Multiple Locations

Serial ID Number Name & Location Coordinates Area Date Inscribed
893-001 Jureia-Itatins Ecological Station
  Property: 79270 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-002 Chauas Ecological Station
  Property: 2699 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-003 Guaraquecaba Ecological Station
  Property: 13638 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-004 Ilha do Mel Ecological Station
  Property: 2241 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-005 Xitue Ecological Station
  Property: 3095 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-006 Guaraguacu Ecological Station
  Property: 1150 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-007 Superagui National Park
  Property: 37000 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-008 Pariquera - Abaixo State Park
  Property: 2360 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-009 Jacupiranga State Park (part of)
  Property: 119000 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-010 Ilha do Cardoso State Park
  Property: 22500 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-011 Carlos Botelho State Park
  Property: 37644 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-012 Pico do Marumbi State Park
  Property: 2342 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-013 Intervales State Park
  Property: 42926 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-014 Lauraceas State Park
  Property: 27524 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-015 Alto Ribeira Touristic State Park (PETAR)
  Property: 35884 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-016 Salto Morato Private Reserve
  Property: 1716 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-017 Serras do Cordeiro, Paratiu, Itapua e Itinga Wild Life Zone
  Property: 5000 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-018 Serras do Arrepiado e Tombador Wild Life Zone
  Property: 5125 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-019 Mangues Wild Life Zone
  Property: 11070 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-020 Serra do Itapitangui (e Mandira) Wild Life Zone
  Property: 3437 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-021 Ilhas oceanicas Wild Life Zone
  Property: 93 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-022 Roberto E Lange Turistical Preservation Zone & State Park
  Property: 2698 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-023 Serra da Graciosa Turistical Preservation
  Property: 1189 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-024 Zone & State Park Pau Oco Turistical Preservation Zone & State Park
  Property: 905 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
893-025 Ilha Comprida Wild Life Zone
  Property: 7687 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha