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The Trulli of Alberobello


Date Category Title
2007 Map Casa D’Amore, scale 1:500
2007 Map Piazza del Mercato, scale 1:300
2007 Map Museo Storico, scale 1:300
2007 Map Trullo Sovrano, scale 1:500
2007 Map Aja Piccola Quarter, scale 1:1000
2007 Map Monti Quarter, scale 1:2000


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Multiple Locations

Serial ID Number Name & Location Coordinates Area Date Inscribed
787-001 Casa d'Amore
  Property: 0.01 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
787-002 Piazza del Mercato
  Property: 0.1 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
787-003 Museo Storico
  Property: 0.076 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
787-004 Trullo Sovrano
  Property: 0.13 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
787-005 Quartiere Aja Piccola
  Property: 2.4 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
787-006 Quartiere Monti
  Property: 7.8 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha