Traveling Exhibition: Between heaven and earth: Mont-Saint-Michel and sacred mountains of the world.

In many civilizations, humankind has chosen extraordinary mountainous areas to establish sanctuaries lost between heaven and earth. Some of these places have been inscribed on the World Heritage List and are the focus of a project by photographer, author and lecturing professor Jean-Michel Guillaud and Sophie Lucet, project developer.  

Some 50 photographs evoke the universal and spiritual dimensions of the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, the "Wonder of the Occident", in associating it with other elevated religious places. These represent many faiths, creating a dialogue among cultures and major world religions. The viewer accompanies pilgrims in their ascension, discovering the fascinating aspects of their rites, architecture and daily life.  The greatness of the mountains leaves the human being in awe. Thanks to their physical elevation, they rise between the two worlds of heaven and earth.

Organized by the Centre for National Monuments in the framework of the festivities of the 13th centennial of the founding of Mont-Saint-Michel, with the support of the region of Lower Normandy, this exhibition will be presented internationally:

Part of the exhibition was designed to travel through Europe and Asia, and will be displayed at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris  between 29 September and 16 October.  

This travelling exhibition is part of a magnificent photographic journey at the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel until 11 November 2008, where pilgrims from around the world, photographed in actual size, seem to emerge from the walls to pass through the abbey beside actual visitors.

A catalog of the exhibition was published in French by Editions du Patrimoine, with photographs by Jean-Michel Guillaud and text by Sophie Lucet.

The exhibition was developed with the participation of Camille Tarot (historian and sociologist of religion), Marguerite Moquet (cultural advisor and author), Nicolas Simonnet (administrator of Mont-Saint-Michel).

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