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Report on expert mission with UNDP, Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve

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Report on expert mission with UNDP, Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve
At its twenty-fourth ordinary session (26 June - 1 July, 2000; Paris) the Bureau approved a sum of US$ 30,000 to strengthen institutional capacity of the Centre for Environmental Management of Mt. Nimba (CEGEN) and to support a consultant mission to the site to review the state of conservation of the site. The mission was also expected to explore with UNDP, the role of CEGEN in the implementation of the GEF project for the management of Mt. Nimba and participatory development in lands adjoining the site. The three-week mission of the consultant began on 24 August 2000; preliminary information received from the consultant reveal that the site is heavily degraded.
Publication date: Thursday, 14 September 2000
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Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve
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