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Decision : CONF 202 23.20
Historic Inner City of Paramaribo (Suriname)

The World Heritage Committee,

Inscribes the Historic Inner City of Paramaribo, Suriname on the basis of cultural criteria  (ii) and (iv):

Criterion (ii): Paramaribo is an exceptional example of the gradual fusion of European architecture and construction techniques with indigenous South American materials and crafts to create a new architectural idiom.

Criterion (iv): Paramaribo is a unique example of the contact between the European culture of the Netherlands and the indigenous cultures and environment of South America in the years of intensive colonization of this region in the 16th and 17th centuries.
 Decisions Report
Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
Focal Point: LAC
States Parties: Suriname
Year: 2002
Decision Code: CONF 202 23.20