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Decision : 37 COM 14
Examination of International Assistance requests

The World Heritage Committee,

1.  Having examined Documents WHC-13/37.COM/14 and WHC-13/37.COM/INF.14,

2.  Expresses its deep concern at the status of the International Assistance budget;

3.  Warmly thanks the Governments of Italy and India for their generous contribution to the International Assistance budget, which made the approval of several requests possible since 2010;

4.  Encourages other States Parties to follow their example, since without additional contributions being made to the World Heritage Fund, it will not be possible to effectively respond to International Assistance requests, thereby weakening the credibility of the Convention and the fulfilment of its objectives;

5.  Recalls its Decision 37 COM 12 whereby it adopted the revision of paragraph 240 related to International Assistance in the Operational Guidelines ;

6.  Also recalls that, according to the new calendar which entered into force last year, the deadline for receiving all International Assistance requests for the 2014 cycle is 31 October 2013;

7.  Takes note of the status of implementation of the International Assistance request for Atsinanana Forests (Madagascar) approved in 2010 by the Committee and requests the Secretariat to submit the revised budget and activities of the second installment of US$65,000 for approval by the Chairperson of the Committee;

8.  Also requests the Secretariat to submit a progress report on the implementation of this request at the 39th session of the Committee in 2015, under the agenda item relating to International Assistance;

9.  Also takes note of the analysis on Preparatory Assistance dedicated to the preparation of nomination files during the period 2001-2010.

Themes: International Assistance
States Parties: Madagascar
Year: 2013
Decision Code: 37 COM 14