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Decision : 34 COM 8B.27
Cultural Properties - Major Mining Sites of Wallonia (Belgium)

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Having examined Documents WHC-10/34.COM/8B and WHC-10/34.COM/INF.8B1,

2. Defers the examination of the nomination of the Major Mining Sites of Wallonia, Belgium, to the World Heritage List in order to allow the State Party to:

a) Clarify the ownership situation of Blegny-Mine and contractualize responsibility for its management with the management company;

b) Review the buffer zone at Bois-du-Luc, in accordance with the principles already applied to the buffer zones for the three other sites;

c) Make in-depth protection of the property's components effective through systematic inclusion on the list of historic monuments and protected cultural sites in Wallonia. The protection must be coordinated between the various sites and it should achieve the highest level possible;

d) Formalize and promulgate a harmonized protection system for the buffer zones in direct relationship with the property's Outstanding Universal Value, and take into account the need to protect the surroundings of the property's components, especially through control of urban development;

e) Create a conservation plan for the entire property, defining its methodology and monitoring and specifying its managers and stakeholders. This plan should, in particular, take into account the restoration of the conditions of authenticity of the private houses on the Grand Hornu estate;

f) Formalize and make effective, in accordance with Paragraph 114 of the Operational Guidelines, a consultation and management coordination structure between the various sites, operating on a regular basis, specifying its structure, the stakeholders, the scope of its authority, and its working methods. It will, in particular, be in charge of a coherent and homogeneous monitoring system yet to be defined;

3. Considers that any revised nomination requires an expert mission to the site;

4. Recommends that the State Party:

a) Appoint without further delay the safety manager at Blegny-Mine;

b) Design and implement, as part of the Conservation Plan, a study and training programme for the long-term conservation of this technical and industrial property with its specific nature.

Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Belgium
Year: 2010
Decision Code: 34 COM 8B.27