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SOC: Abou Mena (Egypt)

Abou Mena (Egypt)

The Committee was apprised of the report presented on the site of Abou Mena following concerns expressed by the Bureau in July 1992. At the request of the Chairperson, the Delegate from Egypt provided all the clarifications regarding allegations on the state of the site in his report, which the Chairperson, upon the suggestion of one of the delegates, requested the Committee to include in the report as an appendix. During the discussion which followed, the Tunisian Delegate asked the Centre to pay special attention to confirming the information received by the Secretariat before bringing it to the attention of the Committee.


PDF Original Decision Document
Context of Decision
PDF WHC-92/CONF.002/05
Themes: Conservation
States Parties: Egypt
Properties: Abu Mena
Session: 16COM