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Decision : CONF 003 XII.4-5
Requests for International Assistance: Training - Natural heritage

XII.4 The Committee noted that the Bureau, at its eighteenth session on 9-10 December 1994, considered eight requests for amounts not exceeding US$ 30,000 and approved the following seven:

  1. 17th International Training Course for Protected Area Managers of Latin America, CATIE, Costa Rica               US$30,000
  2. Regional Training Course for Protected Area Managers of Arab States, Egypt                                             US$30,000
  3. Support to participants from Francophone Africa to attend a Training Course on Protected Areas, organized by ENGREF, France, in Côte d'Ivoire
  4. Regional Training Course for Protected Area Managers of West Africa, organized by School of Wildlife Specialists, Garoua, Cameroon (an additional US$ 5,000 for supporting the publication of the proceedings of the training seminar should be sought from other sources)
  5. Fellowships to African World Heritage site and protected area managers at Regional Training Institutes:
    - School of Wildlife Specialists, Garoua, Cameroon        US$22,000
    - Mweka College of African Wildlife Management, Arusha, Tanzania                                                                                US$20,000 
  6. Preparation of a strategy for training natural heritage site managers; a workshop is to be organized in cooperation with the United States National Park Service in September 1995. The Bureau urged the Centre to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the training supported by the World Heritage Fund in the past and to use the results of the assessment in the elaboration of the strategy US$30,000

XII.5 The Committee also noted that the Bureau did not approve the sum of US$ 20,000 requested by the organizers of a training seminar on protected area management in Europe and had urged the organizers to raise funds needed through alternative sources in Europe.

Themes: Budget, International Assistance
Year: 1994
Decision Code: CONF 003 XII.4-5