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SOC: Xanthos-Letoon (Turkey)

Xanthos-Letoon (Turkey)

In the framework of the UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan, the Coordinator of the Programme "100 Historical sites of the Mediterranean" carried out a mission to Turkey at the request of the World Heritage Centre.

Having taken note of the extensive and detailed report, which the Committee requested to be made available to the Turkish authorities, the Committee recommended the Turkish authorities:

  • to transmit to the World Heritage Centre the Protection Plan for the Development of the Patra/Xanthos/Letoon site, which should have been ready in 1992;
  • to implement the measures for the diversion of traffic on the roads crossing the sites of Xanthos and Letoon;
  • to review the construction of the superstructure of the television relay installed at the summit of the Xanthos Acropolis.


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Context of Decision
PDF WHC-94/CONF.003/06
Themes: Conservation
States Parties: Turkey
Properties: Xanthos-Letoon
Session: 18COM