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Decision : CONF 201 VII.D.59
SOC noted by Committee: Kasbah of Algiers (Algeria)

VII. 59 Kasbah of Algiers (Algeria)

In July 1996, the Permanent Delegation of Algeria transmitted a progress report for the project entitled "Safeguarding Plan for the Kasbah of Algiers", and informed the Centre that the training in Paris, financed by the World Heritage Fund, of three architects in charge of drawing up the plan had been satisfactory.

The Bureau, at its twentieth extraordinary session, took note of the information provided and warmly thanked the Algerian authorities for having informed it of their strong interest in the preservation of the Kasbah of Algiers and the continuing measures taken for its safeguard, and requested them to continue to devote their efforts to the conservation of this World Heritage site.


 Decisions Report
Context of Decision
Themes: Conservation
States Parties: Algeria
Properties: Kasbah of Algiers
Year: 1996
Decision Code: CONF 201 VII.D.59