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Decision : 28 COM 11
Execution of the Budget

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Takes note of the statement of accounts of the World Heritage Fund for 2002-2003 and the present situation of the reserves;

2. Also takes note of the state of implementation of the Budget for 2004-2005 and of contributions to the World Heritage Fund as at 30 April 2004;

3. Urges the States Parties to pay their compulsory and voluntary contributions to the World Heritage Fund in a timely and regular manner and to settle their arrears without delay;

4. Requests the World Heritage Centre to present, at its 29th session, the entire budget of the Centre with the provisional budget statement for 2004-2005, as
reproduced in Annex III of document WHC-04/28.COM/11, featuring:

a) arrears of States Parties - including those which have opted for voluntary contributions,

b) execution rates,

c) all extra budgetary funds, including extra budgetary funds for World Heritage managed by other sectors of UNESCO,

d) Funds-in-Trust Overhead Costs Account (FITOCA) resources,

e) human resources;

5. Further requests the World Heritage Centre to present in an information document at every ordinary session a complete list of projects financed through resources other than those of the World Heritage Fund, so that the Committee may prioritize the allocation of resources from the Fund to countries not benefiting from extra budgetary funds;

6. Also requests the World Heritage Centre to submit a proposal for the Budget for 2006-2007, at its 29th session in 2005, in accordance with the criteria set out in paragraph 15 of document WHC-04/28.COM/11, that is to say, taking
into account total income received as shown in the accounts certified by the Comptroller for the previous biennium;

7. Further requests the World Heritage Centre to present a report at its 29th session on the status of the follow-up to the recommendations on administrative and financial matters resulting from the 1997 external audit of the World Heritage Centre (WHC-98/CONF.201/INF.5) and to review, together with the External Auditor, any outstanding recommendations and to implement those which are still relevant.

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Context of Decision
  • Entire budget of the WHC Proposal for the 2006-2007 budget

    Status: Done
    Deadline: 29COM
  • Recommendations resulting from the 1997 audit
Themes: Budget
Year: 2004
Decision Code: 28 COM 11