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Decision : CONF 208 VIII.69-72
Fort and Shalamar Gardens of Lahore (Pakistan)

VIII.69 The Committee examined the report on the state of conservation of the Fort and Shalamar Gardens of Lahore. The Committee was informed that the Director- General of the Department of Archaeology had informed the Centre on 3 December 2001 that all efforts were being made to implement the recommendations of the Committee, Bureau and UNESCO international expert missions to address the conservation and management issues facing the property. In particular, the Department of Archaeology was continuing its discussion with the Lahore Development Co-operation and the Lahore Commissioner to clarify the land-ownership of the area where the demolished 375-year old hydraulic works were located.

VIII.70 The Observer of Pakistan, assuring the Committee of her Government's continued commitment to the World Heritage Convention, expressed her Government's appreciation for the support of the World Heritage Committee and the Centre in enhancing the management of the site. She stated that the annual plan for 2002 had been recently adopted by the authorities which specifically addresses the recommendations of the Committee, Bureau and UNESCO expert missions organized to respond to the conservation and management needs of this site. Concerning the 375-year old hydraulic works that were partially demolished in 1999, the Observer informed the Committee that conservation and restoration work was being planned.

VIII.71 With reference to Article 5a of the Convention which calls for heritage conservation activities to be integrated within the overall comprehensive planning process for heritage areas, the Observer of Pakistan underscored the importance for the Committee to take into due consideration the conservation needs within the context of sustainable development, especially in highly populated urban areas such as Lahore.

VIII.72 The Committee welcomed the positive actions taken and being planned by the State Party and the World Heritage Centre for the rehabilitation of the Shalamar Gardens and in elaborating a comprehensive management plan for the site. The Committee requested the State Party and the Centre to continue its close co-operation to ensure that an integrated conservation, management and development plan be elaborated, adopted and implemented as soon as possible. The Committee requested the State Party and the Centre to report on the progress made in removing the threats facing the site for examination by the Committee at its twenty-sixth session.


 Decisions Report
Context of Decision
Themes: Conservation
States Parties: Pakistan
Year: 2001
Decision Code: CONF 208 VIII.69-72