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Decision : CONF 003 X.28
Promotional Activities

The proposal from Upsala Ekeby to produce glass and silverware gave rise to considerable discussion, since it raised the principle of using tho World Heritage Emblem and depictions of World Heritage Sites for commercial purposes. There was some reticence among members of the Committee to authorize any commercial company to use the Emblem or pictures of the sites for such purposes. On the other hand the Committee underlined the need to create a world-wide interest in the Convention and recognized the importance of publicity. The Committee therefore decided:

(a) that the World Heritage Emblem should not be used for any commercial purposes unless the Committee has given its authorization; and

(b) that the name, symbol or depiction of any property inscribed on the World Heritage List or, of any element thereof should not be used for commercial purposes unless written authorization has been received from the State concerned on the principle of using the said name, symbol or depiction and unless the exact text or display has been approved by that State and as far as possible by the national authority specifically concerned with the protection of the site; such utilization should be in conformity with the reasons for which the property has been placed on the World Heritage List;

(c) to accept the proposal from Upsala Ekeby as set out in the Annex to document CC-79/CONF.003/6.1, authorizing the firm to use the World Heritage Emblem and the name of the Convention on a series of silver spoons and the glassware, subject to the stipulation formulated in paragraph (b) above and on condition that the company was not given exclusive rights to use the emblem and the name of the Convention on articles of the type proposed; it is however understood that the company will retain exclusive rights on its own design as foreseen in international agreements on the protection of industrial property.

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Themes: Communication, Working methods and tools
Year: 1979
Decision Code: CONF 003 X.28