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Decision : 31 COM 21B
Costed, time-bound budget for a new serie of world heritage resource manuals

The World Heritage Committee,
  1. Having examined Document WHC-07/31.COM/21B,
  2. Recalling Decisions 30 COM 6 and 30 COM 15.2, adopted at its 30th session (Vilnius, 2006);
  3.  Endorses the proposed list of titles for the new World Heritage Resource Manuals Series, as well as the outlined timeline;
  4. Thanks the Netherlands Funds-in-Trust for their financial assistance in the production of the Resource Manual on Management Guidelines for Cultural Landscapes;
  5. Approves the budget for the following titles to be published in 2008/2009 (see Decision 31 COM 20B):
    1. Guidance on Preparing World Heritage Nominations,
    2. Preparing Management Plans for Natural World Heritage Properties,
    3. Preparing Management Plans for Cultural World Heritage Properties, and
    4. Tourism and World Heritage Resource Manual
  6. Requests the World Heritage Centre, in consultation with the Advisory Bodies, to provide the titles and costs of proposed future manuals, for examination by the Committee at its 32nd session in 2008.
 Decisions Report
Context of Decision
Themes: Budget
Year: 2007
Decision Code: 31 COM 21B