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Periodic Reporting 2nd Cycle: Arab States (2010)

At its 32nd session, the World Heritage Committee decided on the preparation of the Second Cycle of Periodic Reporting (Decision 32 COM 11E) and on the launching of the exercise with the Arab States (document WHC-08/32.COM/11B; Decision 32 COM 11B) at the forefront, as had been the case in the First Cycle.

Final Report

Synthesis and analysis of the Second Cycle of Periodic Reporting in the Arab States submitted in accordance with Decision 32 COM 11.B. It provides information on the data provided by the Arab States Parties on the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention at the national level (Section I), as well as the data provided on the World Heritage properties (Section II). It also includes sub-regional action plans which were formulated by the Arab Focal Points at the final Regional meeting, intended to serve as a platform for the establishment of a Regional Programme for the forthcoming years.

Report on the Second Cycle of
Periodic Reporting in the Arab States


The World Heritage Centre and the Arab States Unit would like to express its gratitude to the Arab States Parties through all the Focal Points and site managers involved in this activity for their diligence, efforts, and continuing commitment and hard work for the success of this exercise. Thanks are particularly extended to Dr Jukka Jokilehto for his essential contribution in the presentation and analysis of the data contained within the Periodic Reporting questionnaire. A special note of thanks to Ms Youmna Tabet for the perusal of all the answers from the States Parties.

The World Heritage Centre expresses its gratitude to the Sector of Culture and National Heritage of the Kingdom of Bahrain and to the Ministry of Culture of Algeria for having hosted, respectively, the launch and final regional meetings for Periodic Reporting, as well as the the Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO for its valuable financial support. Thanks are also extended to the Jordanian, Moroccan, and Qatari authorities in whose countries the sub-regional workshops for Periodic Reporting took place, as well as to ALECSO, notably for translating the questionnaire into Arabic.

The World Heritage Centre thanks the Advisory Bodies to the World Heritage Committee, ICOMOS, ICCROM, and IUCN, for their continuous assistance and active participation in the meetings Finally, the World Heritage Centre would also like to thank the four Mentors who accompanied the Focal Points and site managers all along the exercise and UNESCO’s field offices in Amman, Baghdad, Beirut, Doha, and Rabat for their support.

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