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Periodic Reporting 1st Cycle: Africa

Conclusions and recommendations of the synthesis Report on the state of conservation of the World Heritage in Africa, submitted in accordance with the strategic approach approved by the World Heritage Committee at its 23rd session (Marrakesh, Morocco, 29 November-4 December 2001).
The Periodic Reporting exercise is to be considered as an on-going process rather than an end in itself, therefore an Action Programme for the implementation of medium-term activities is also proposed.

Eighteen African States Parties, having altogether forty sites – sixteen cultural sites, twenty-three natural sites and one mixed site- participated in the Periodic Reporting exercise. This exercise was an extremely useful activity in setting up a network of institutions and the establishment of a roster of experts in the fields of cultural and natural heritage. It has also served to train several conservators in the conservation and protection of cultural and natural heritage and provided the opportunity for institutions and experts to draw attention to their needs and difficulties. Finally, the Exercise has enabled the establishment of benchmarks for future monitoring and management of World Heritage sites in Africa.

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Date Start: Friday, 2 November 2001
Date end: Friday, 2 November 2001
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