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World Heritage Media/Communication Training Workshop

From Dec 8, 2013 Until Dec 13, 2013
Within the framework of the UNESCO World Heritage Education Programme, the activity was organized from 8 to 13 December 2013 in Gemany, Weinmar, by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in collaboration with Open Houses, Germany and with the support of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar and the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

The World Heritage Media/Communication Training Workshop aimed to promote the capacity building of youth and their organizations through providing specific skills that they can apply to their activities related to World Heritage. It also bolstered networks among young people involved in heritage preservation and outreach.

What are the objectives?

To provide a platform for exchange and networking among youth volunteers and young people.

To contribute to capacity building of young people through skills training in the field of media and communications

To promote awareness on importance of communication as an essential element of World Heritage Volunteers.

To introduce educational tools for communication, present ways to deliver messages effectively and share knowledge.

Final Videos prepared by participants

World Heritage Media Training Course Material