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The World Heritage Convention, twenty years later

The World Heritage Convention, twenty years later (01/01/1996) © UNESCO | Image Source: https://whc.unesco.org/document/101844

This study, undertaken on 10 June and revised on 4 December 1992 on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the World Heritage Convention, has been graciously delivered to UNESCO by its author, Léon Pressouyre. Considering that it is of great interest to upcoming reflection and action, UNESCO and its World Heritage Centre have decided to publish and distribute it to the principal partners to the Convention. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of the Organization.

An earlier version of this text was distributed by the French National Commission for UNESCO in December 1992. From the drafting of the report to its final writing, the author took into consideration comments made by Francoise Bercé, Mireille Jardin, Azedine Beschaouch, Mounir Bouchenaki, Jean-Pierre Boyer, Yves Brunswick, Bernd von Droste, Laurent Lévi-Strauss, Michel Parent, Georges Poussin, Jean Sirinelli.

Date Start: Monday, 1 January 1996
Date end: Monday, 1 January 1996