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United Nations Foundation

The United Nations Foundation (UNF) is a public charity supporting the goals and objectives of the Charter of United Nations by building and implementing public-private partnerships and promoting various actions.

Since 1998, UNF has had a cooperation agreement with the United Nations to achieve the objectives of the Charter of United Nations through innovative, forward-looking and proactive projects that make contributions to the well-being of the world. To improve this collaboration, the United Nations created a United Nations Fund of International Partnerships (UNFIP) destined to receive grants from UNF for projects.

UNF and UNFIP have carried out, in partnership with the World Heritage Centre, projects on the world's biological diversity and the promotion of the importance of natural heritage for the future of humankind.

In 2003, a partnership agreement was created between UNF and the World Heritage Centre to raise awareness about World Heritage, particularly in the United States, and to mobilize support for both cultural and natural World Heritage sites, notably through the creation of web pages.


  • Grant subventions to support the United Nations in the achievement of the goals and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
  • Support financial projects and activities to broaden public awareness about actions of the United Nations.
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