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44th session of the World Heritage Committee

Fuzhou, China


In light of recent developments in the world related to pandemic COVID-19, it was decided that the 44th session of the World Heritage Committee, initially scheduled for 29 June - 9 July 2020 will be postponed to a later date. Consultations are currently under way to determine the exact dates of the session.

Please note that the dates of the dispatches of statutory documents for the 44th session will be established, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, once the dates of the 44th session of the Committee are fixed.

Further information will be provided as soon as possible. Many thanks for your understanding.

The city of Fuzhou (China) will host the next session of the World Heritage Committee in 2020.

District San Fang Qi Xiang (三坊七巷), China

Bureau Members

Chairperson: H.E. Mr. Tian Xuejun (China)
Ms. Miray Hasaltun Wosinski (Bahrain)
Bahrain, Guatemala, Hungary, Spain, Uganda

Committee Members
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  • Mandates
Mandate End of
Australia 2017-2021 2021
Bahrain 2017-2021 2021
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017-2021 2021
Brazil 2017-2021 2021
China 2017-2021 2021
Egypt 2019-2023 2023
Ethiopia 2019-2023 2023
Guatemala 2017-2021 2021
Hungary 2017-2021 2021
Kyrgyzstan 2017-2021 2021
Mali 2019-2023 2023
Nigeria 2019-2023 2023
Norway 2017-2021 2021
Oman 2019-2023 2023
Russian Federation 2019-2023 2023
Saint Kitts and Nevis 2017-2021 2021
Saudi Arabia 2019-2023 2023
South Africa 2019-2023 2023
Spain 2017-2021 2021
Thailand 2019-2023 2023
Uganda 2017-2021 2021

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