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The World Heritage Centre is at the forefront of the international community’s efforts to protect and preserve.

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Natural World Heritage The World Heritage Convention is one of the most successful international instruments to protect the most extraordinary natural places on the planet, characterized by their natural beauty or outstanding ... Peace & Security 2023-10-04
Reconstruction of the destroyed mausoleums of Timbuktu (Mali) Timbuktu Mali After armed conflict resulted in the destruction of several historical mausoleums, these were reconstructed using traditional knowledge systems as part of an international cooperation campaign. The reconstruction of ... Peace & Security 2023-07-12
Cash for work: promoting local employment through heritage conservation in historic cities (Yemen) Historic Town of Zabid
Old City of Sana'a
Old Walled City of Shibam
Yemen In the context of long-standing conflict, a cash-for-work scheme provides young people with employment opportunities while contributing to the conservation of urban heritage in four historic cities. Peace & Security 2023-02-16