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The World Heritage Centre is at the forefront of the international community’s efforts to protect and preserve.

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Natural World Heritage

The World Heritage Convention is one of the most successful international instruments to protect the most extraordinary natural places on the planet, characterized by their natural beauty or outstanding ...

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World Heritage Programme for Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are islands of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. They are some of the most beautiful places on Earth, with atolls of white sand beaches, mountain ...

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Category 2 Centres

In recent years, the framework for training and research in the field of World Heritage has changed significantly. Among the factors that have contributed to these rapid changes, is the emerging of many new ...

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Dive into Heritage

Dive into Heritage will create an innovative online platform that leverages digital technologies to safeguard and promote World Heritage sites and its related intangible heritage, and transmit it to ...

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World Heritage Cities Programme

The World Heritage Cities Programme is one of six thematic programmes formally approved and monitored by the World Heritage Committee. The programme concerns the development of a theoretical framework for urban ...

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World Heritage Online Map Platform

Funded by the Flanders UNESCO Trustfund (FUT), this project aims to develop an online geographic information system for World Heritage.

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World Heritage and Biodiversity

Biological diversity underpins ecosystem functioning and the provision of ecosystem services essential for human well-being. World Heritage properties are the most outstanding places on the planet and constitute a ...

Ecological Monitoring in Garamba National Park

Over the last decades, Garamba National Park has been a major target of militant ivory and bushmeat poachers, which threatens the site drastically. Therefore, an effective law enforcement strategy and ecological ...

We are all Futurekeepers

Natural World Heritage sites are the planet’s most precious gifts to humanity. But our work across these 257 sites is not simply about protecting and preserving some of the world’s most beautiful locations, ...

The Next 50 - 50th anniversary of World Heritage

50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention (16 November 2022): World Heritage as a source of resilience, humanity and innovation

World Heritage Map

This large format full-color map features the World Heritage sites and brief explanations of the World Heritage Convention and the World Heritage conservation programmes, as well as superb photos of World Heritage ...

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Shaping the future of climate adaptation through Resilient Reefs

Climate change is today the biggest threat to coral reefs. Under a business-as-usual scenario, nearly 90% of the 29 World Heritage-listed coral reefs are expected to severely bleach twice-per-decade by 2040.

World Heritage Volunteers Initiative

World HeritageVolunteers Initiative Within the framework of the UNESCO World Heritage Education Programme, the World Heritage Volunteers (WHV) Initiative was launched in 2008 in collaboration with the ...

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#OurWorldHeritage Share your World Heritage story with the rest of the World © UNESCO #OurWorldHeritage is a social media campaign where people are invited to share their unique ...

Wind Energy

The objective of the Guidance is to provide easy-to-understand and user-friendly information on wind energy projects and World Heritage protection and management, and to highlight processes and tools for overcoming ...

Facts & Figures: The Importance of UNESCO World Heritage Marine Sites for Global Biodiversity

The importance of UNESCO World Heritage Marine Sites for Global Biodiversity Facts & Figures © Adam Mitchell / Seychelles Island Foundation From the largest tropical seabird ...

Culture|2030 Indicators

The UNESCO Thematic Indicators for Culture in the 2030 Agenda (Culture|2030 Indicators) is a framework of thematic indicators whose purpose is to measure and monitor the progress of culture’s enabling contribution ...

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Guide to good practices in landscape-residential areas 1950-75, Basque country (Spain)

The “Guide to Good Practices in Landscape-Residential areas 1950-75” aims to help public administrations and technical teams in improving the quality of life in residential areas as built between 1950-75. It ...

Promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation in Lamu Old Town (Kenya)

Lamu Old Town faces multiple threats from climate change, energy needs and rapid social and economic transformation. The Lamu Old town management plan and the Lamu Municipality Waste Management Policy focused on ...

Wind Energy Essential

This part of the Guidance offers an overview of wind energy related information primarily for heritage practitioners and decision-makers not familiar with this field. A brief overview of the main technical features ...