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Avebury Residents’ Pack: bringing together diverse stakeholders in Avebury (United Kingdom)

The Avebury Residents' Pack, developed between 2006 and 2008 by the local world heritage management office, aimed to reconnect the local communities with the archaeological sites in the village, bringing together ...

Balancing development and conservation in Grand-Bassam (Côte d’Ivoire)

The inscription of the Historic Town of Grand-Bassam on the World Heritage List has provided new opportunities to promote sustainable development in the city. From the creation of a local World Heritage management ...

Bolstering community identity through cultural programmes in Cusco (Peru)

A variety of projects aim to protect Cusco’s cultural heritage, promote social development through crafts and strengthen traditional knowledge for sustainable development.

Bridging a spatial and social divide through inclusive planning in Zanzibar Town (United Republic of Tanzania)

The multi-level, heritage-based development and spatial plan aims to link the World Heritage site and buffer zone with the wider city context by using town planning as a tool to bridge spatial and social divides.

Cash for work: promoting local employment through heritage conservation in historic cities (Yemen)

In the context of long-standing conflict, a cash-for-work scheme provides young people with employment opportunities while contributing to the conservation of urban heritage in four historic cities.

Celebrating community and heritage through the George Town Heritage Celebrations (Malaysia)

The annual celebration features an interactive and educational programme that includes workshops and performances in the streets of the historic city of George Town. Through the Celebrations, the local communities ...

Challenges and opportunities of historic urban centres: case study of the Medina of Tunis (Tunisia)

To protect this historic site at the centre of a bustling metropolis and promote its sustainable development, several actions are addressing the preservation and promotion of its cultural heritage.  

Community-centred revitalisation of Souq al-Silah in Cairo (Egypt)

A long-standing project has been working to revitalise a commercial street in the historic district of Darb al-Ahmar and reconnect the local community with their cultural heritage. The project, developed with help ...

Connecting young people with their cultural heritage in Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation)

The community event encourages young people to deepen their knowledge about cultural heritage and propose ideas for its conservation through workshops, cultural visits, educational activities and an ideas ...

Conservation and revitalisation programme of Ancient City of Ping Yao (China)

Through innovative management and financing models and a combination of conservation actions aimed at both tangible and intangible heritage, the programme aims to make a contribution to the long-term sustainability ...

Conservation as a driver for development: the case of Vigan (Philippines)

Along with the nomination process of the Historic City of Vigan as a World Heritage site in 1999, the local government developed an ambitious conservation and management plan for the site. By implementing this ...

Consulting with community to understand heritage values during the COVID-19 pandemic in Melbourne (Australia)

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Heritage site “Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens” began a process to review its World Heritage Management Plan. The review process began with a community ...

Creative youth at Indonesian heritage sites

A programme by UNESCO Jakarta and Citi Foundation aims to promote youth entrepreneurship and raise awareness about cultural and natural heritage by linking local communities’ livelihoods with the heritage sites.

Cultural entrepreneurship in Cidade Velha, Ribeira Grande (Cabo Verde)

A wide-ranging programme aims to build capacity amongst local residents to understand the potentials offered by cultural heritage, by supporting and enhancing local cultural entrepreneurship. The initiative includes ...

Developing a new methodology for urban regeneration: the ROCK project in Bologna (Italy)

A pilot project to enhance public spaces using participatory processes helped to identify key lessons which can be later applied to other areas and cities.

Developing sustainable rural tourism in San Gimignano (Italy)

In reaction to the sharp increase in incoming visitors over the last decades, San Gimignano has developed several initiatives to support jobs and local livelihoods while respecting the town’s cultural heritage, ...

Establishing a dialogue between site management and residents in the Historic Centre of Salzburg (Austria)

A community engagement programme has provided key data and inputs for the sustainable development of the World Heritage site. 

From port city to World Heritage site: case study of George Town (Malaysia)

The multi-cultural historic city of George Town developed a strategy to build on its rich and diverse cultural heritage as a resource for local development and livelihoods after its free trade port status was ...

Heritage Education Programme in Puebla (Mexico)

The local government of Puebla has developed a comprehensive Heritage Education Programme to raise awareness about the city’s cultural heritage and aid its conservation. The programme includes educational events, ...

Improving the connection between heritage and young people in archaeological sites in Djémila (Algeria)

An ongoing programme in a remote Algerian town aims to connect the local community with the archaeological site through workshops and activities for young residents.