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Month: December 2004 close
Tuesday, 7 December 2004
An Information Meeting will be held in UNESCO during the 7th Extraordinary Session of the World Heritage Committee to inform the States Parties of progress made in the preparation of the Periodic Reporting exercise in Europe and North America (Agenda enclosed as Annex I ). The meeting will attended by  representatives of the States Parties concerned as well as the Chairperson of the ...
06-Dec-2004 - 11-Dec-2004
From 6-10 December in Room II and on 11 December in Room XI for the Adoption of the Report.
29-Nov-2004 - 02-Dec-2004
This regional workshop is part of UNESCO’s regional awareness-raising strategy for providing adequate and appropriate information and tools to acquaint those attending from the Latin America and Caribbean countries with this Convention. The meeting will not only enable the participants, most of whom are attached to the Ministries of Culture, Justice or Foreign Affairs in their respective ...
29-Nov-2004 - 02-Dec-2004
UNESCO is conducting a training course in the application of the Object-ID* standard, and the technical aspects of establishing preliminary inventories. The workshop will take place in the UNESCO Amman Office and will be attended by Iraqi cultural specialists. This project is part of the Programme for the Protection of the Iraqi Cultural Heritage approved under the UNDG (United Nations ...