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Finalisation of the Zakouma National Park nomination file on the World Heritage List

Geographical focus

Zakouma National Park is located in southeastern Chad. Inscribed in the Tentalive List in 2005, it covers an area of nearly three hundred and five thousand (305,000) hectares.

Created in 1963, Zakouma National Park is now one of the last wildlife sanctuaries in Sahelian Africa, still home to a decent number of large mammals. It features a very good vegetation, an important hydrographic network, a dense and diversified fauna including forty-four (44) species of large mammals and two hundred and fifty (250) species of birds and eighty-four (84) woody species.

This draft nomination is part of the approved activities following the UNESCO-Africa-China Forum on World Heritage Capacity Building and Cooperation that took place on June 3-4, 2019 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

Progress made

Thanks to the contribution of China, the Chadian National Commission for UNESCO finalized the mapping and submitted the nomination file for Zakouma National Park to the Convention Secretariat in January 2020.

The completeness check revealed that the file was incomplete. The nomination file was therefore returned to the State Party for finalization and submission in the next cycle.

Name of the property: Zakouma National Park

State party: Chad

Amount: 4,999 USD

Implementation period: November 2019 - May 2020


  • Chadian National Commission for UNESCO
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Geographical focus