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Ancient City of Tauric Chersonese and its Chora

Multiple Locations (8)
ID Name & Location State Party Coordinates Property Buffer Zone
1411-001 Ancient city of Tauric Chersonese Ukraine N44 36 39.00
E33 29 29.00
42.8106 ha 207.22 ha
1411-002 Chora plot in the Yukharina Gully Ukraine N44 33 1.00
E33 28 12.00
150.6227 ha 1,235 ha
1411-003 Chora plot in Berman’s Gully Ukraine N44 31 26.00
E33 30 3.00
19.5574 ha 291.0916 ha
1411-004 Chora plot on the Bezymyannaya Height Ukraine N44 31 34.00
E33 32 48.00
17.2941 ha 1,116 ha
1411-005 Chora plot in the Streletskaya Gully Ukraine N44 34 15.00
E33 28 39.00
15.2664 ha
1411-006 Chora plot on the isthmus of the Mayachny Peninsula – part I Ukraine N44 33 51.00
E33 24 41.00
5.0513 ha 191.776 ha
1411-007 Chora plot on the isthmus of the Mayachny Peninsula – part II Ukraine N44 33 44.00
E33 24 35.00
8.5413 ha
1411-008 Chora plot on the isthmus of the Mayachny Peninsula Ukraine N44 33 38.00
E33 24 30.00
0.2314 ha

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