MEDITERRANEO is an entrepreunerial preparation course which includes both Italian and Mediterranean learners (from countries of Northern Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia). The project is supported through co-operation between administrations, institutes, universities and companies.


The training course is planned to be from June to December 2010.

The course is divided into 4 central phases, preceded by selection and followed by activity from a business angle. The first classroom segment is about the knowledge of culture and markets of the countries concerned by the project (North Africa and Italy). Experts point out particularities of each country of North Africa and Italy, and outline their cultural and economic scenario; during Phase 3 significant testimonials from people representing industries, companies, administrations and universities, starting from their personal experience, present "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship", human and professional skills that are essential for entrepreunership and management.

Participants identify a business idea to be developed into a project in the later phase, "Entrepreneurial Workshop". The last training phase consists of an internship with companies, universities, administrations and/or deepening of concrete development for the real or potential setting up of business projects.


12 learners will be selected from Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, 4 learner-listeners from Algeria and Libya and 12 Italian learner-listeners. They willl be selected according to the following:

a) Curriculum vitae and plan of studies
b) Linguistic skills: English is mandatory, Italian a preferred skill
c) Entrepreneurial skill in the international market

Potential learners who may have a Bachelor's Degree have the opportunity to develop a Master's Degree or PhD thesis within the project together with their University.

They are assessed through their CV and any other documents useful to identify skills and competences; then they are evaluated by one-to-one and/or collective interviews: particular attention is given to personal entrepreneurial skills and internationalization, as in work and study abroad experience. Learners are selected also following requirements of the companies involved in the project.


Learners will participate in seminars to involve them in an interactive approach, both in meetings with a single lecturer and in round table discussions on particular themes of interest. The restricted number of learners guarantees personalized and effective coaching.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Alessandro Ciambrone
World Heritage Management
Tel. +39 334 9850812