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WHITRAP Seminar: the Historic Urban Landscape approach

23-24 October 2020

On 23-24 October 2020, WHITRAP Shanghai, UNESCO Category 2 Centre, will host an online seminar on the Historic Urban Landscape approach – integrating urban heritage conservation with urban development in planning processes in Asia.

The modernisation of living conditions in fast-growing cities in historic and new districts (including designated World Heritage cities) is a major issue worldwide. 

This two-day seminar will focus on the 2011 UNESCO Historic Urban Landscape Recommendation (HUL) objective of integrating urban heritage conservation and urban development through planning and urban policies in an Asian context. It will look into overcoming the traditional divide between development and conservation, presenting examples that promote a more holistic approach to urban development. The aim is to showcase projects and initiatives where integration has been successfully achieved in Asian cities. There will be three sub-themes: (1) liveability, (2) urban forms, and (3) governance structure. 

The expected outcome of the seminar is to further disseminate the HUL approach in the Asia region and to provide examples of diverse integrated approaches, which can feed into planning practices, project design and governing mechanisms to ensure the safeguarding of heritage values and qualitative new developments. 

The HUL approach is a major theme for WHITRAP Shanghai. The Institute, as a UNESCO Category 2 Centre, has been actively involved in advocating for and applying the HUL Recommendation, through expert meetings, seminars, training sessions, city pilot programmes and publications. This seminar continues WHITRAP’s endeavour of promoting the HUL approach.

How to participate? Please send your name, position, organization name to x.luo@whitr-ap.org.
The conference is limited to max.100 participants. Registrations will be on a first come first served basis.

The proceedings of the seminar will be made available online. 

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Friday, 23 October 2020
Saturday, 24 October 2020

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