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Online Meeting: How to successfully build resilience-based management at your marine World Heritage site?

Wednesday, 17 June 2020
Online Meeting (17/06/2020)

Building resilience at the local level is an essential component of the long-term global response to climate change to protect people, livelihoods and ecosystems. Resilience-based management is a management approach that uses knowledge of current and future drivers influencing ecosystem function to prioritize, implement, and adapt management actions that sustain ecosystems and human well-being.

During the 17 June Online Meeting with Marine World Heritage Managers, Dr. Elizabeth Mcleod will share the latest guidance on how to apply resilience-based management. Dr. Elizabeth Mcleod, lead resilience expert of The Nature Conservancy’s Reef Resilience Network, recently led a review of the potential of resilience-based management to sustain reefs in the 21st century. She will be joined by the Chief Resilience Officer of the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage site (Australia), who will share how the Resilient Reefs Initiative is starting to influence management practices.

Every two months, UNESCO's World Heritage Marine Programme provides an exclusive online platform where managers from the 50 marine World Heritage sites connect & share ideas around key conservation challenges. Because of their high profile and status as flagship marine protected areas, marine World Heritage sites are uniquely positioned to drive change and innovation, set new global standards in conservation excellence, and serve as beacons of hope in a changing ocean. The online meetings are made possible thanks to the support of the French Biodiversity Agency and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Participation is upon invitation only.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2020

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