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Decision 11 COM X.25
Requests for International Assistance

25. The Committee,

- examined the requests presented in document SC-87/CONF.005/7;

- noted that the Bureau had met on 09 December 1987 to consider these requests and, in accordance with the procedure set out in paragraphs 69 to 91 of the Operational Guidelines, had approved the requests amounting to no more than $30,000;

- decided to approve the other requests taking into account of the Bureau's recommendations. The requests approved are as follows:

Preparatory assistance

China (People's Rep. of) for drawing up safeguarding plans for the cultural sites inscribed on the World Heritage List: $25,000

Total: $25,000

Technical Cooperation

- Tassili N'Ajjer (Algeria) for equipment and consultant services to prepare a large scale project to implement the management plan: $17,000

- Dja Faunal Reserve (Cameroon) as a contribution to the adoption and implementation of the draft management plan: $30,000

- Petra (Jordan) as a contribution towards research work on weathering and subsequent protection of the property: $50,000

- Selous Game Reserve (Tanzania) for equipment for anti-poaching measures: $50,000

- Istanbul (Turkey) for equipment: $30,000

- Durmitor National Park (Yugoslavia) for equipment for research on forest die-back and related conservation problems: $50,000

- Khami Ruins National Monument (Zimbabwe) for safeguarding work: $25,000

Total: $252,000


- Brazil: for training in the conservation and restoration of historic areas: $40,000

- China: as a contribution to the programme for the training of natural heritage conservation specialists: $30,000

- For a study tour in Côte d'Ivoire for African francophone students at the Montpellier training course on forest and fauna protection: $30,000

- Haiti: for training courses at the National History Park-Citadel, Sans Souci, Ramiers: $25,000

- Mexico: for the training of specialists responsible for the conservation of cultural sites included in the World Heritage List: $42,000

Total: $167,000

Emergency assistance

Ecuador, Quito: for the urgent work required for the consolidation of monuments damaged by the earthquake: $70,000

Total: $70,000

Report of the World Heritage Committee
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