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Session: 11COM 1987close
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5. With a modification in the order of examination of cultural and natural nominations, the Committee adopted the agenda for the session.
6. Mr. J.D. Collinson (Canada) was re-elected Chairman of the Committee by acclamation. Mrs. M. Stantcheva (Bulgaria) was elected as Rapporteur and the following members of the Committee as Vice­Chairmen: France, Mexico, Sri Lanka, and Tunisia and the United Republic of Tanzania.
9. The Committee examined 61 nominations to the World Heritage List, taking account of the recommendations of ICOMOS and IUCN for each nomination. The Committee decided to include 41 cultural and natural properties on the World Heritage List and one extension, which are presented in section A below. The Committee also decided to defer its decision on 16 nominations, as noted under section B, and decided not to include 4 properties on the World Heritage List (section C). Finally, the Committee noted that the United Kingdom had withdrawn the nominations of Diana's Peak and High Peak, St. ...
Brasilia 445 Brazil C(i)(iv) The Committee recommended that a conservation policy which respects the characteristics of the urban creation of 1956 be pursued in the federal district of Brasilia.
Sites: Brasilia
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park 409 United States of America N(ii) The Committee wished to encourage the Park authorities to continue their commendable work on geological research and on the control of exotic species.
Kakadu National Park(extension to include Stage II) 147 Australia N(ii)(iii)(iv) C(iii) The Committee recalled that at its 5th session held in Sydney (Australia) in 1981, while inscribing Kakadu National Park on the World Heritage List, it had noted that the Australian Government intended to proclaim additional areas in the Alligator River Region as part of Kakadu National Park and had recommended that such areas be included in the site inscribed on the World Heritage List. The Committee therefore welcomed the extension of the site to include such areas, which had been favourably ...
Uluru National Park 447 Australia N(ii) (iii) The Committee commended the Australian authorities on the manner in which the management of this property gave an appropriate blend of the cultural and natural characteristics of this property. The Committee expressed the view that the site could be extended to include areas which would give a more complete representation of the arid zone and encouraged the Australian authorities to continue their efforts to reintroduce previously occurring native ...
Mount Taishan 437 China (People's Rep. of) C(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(v)(vi) N(iii) The Committee took note with satisfaction of the assurances given by the observer from China. They responded to the preoccupations of the Bureau which was concerned by the proliferation of buildings and tourism installations. The Committee endorsed the recommendations of the Bureau and requested that particular care be taken in developing this unique site.
Sites: Mount Taishan
Mogao Caves 440 China (People's Rep. of) C(i)(ii)(iii) (iv) (v) (vi) The Committee drew the attention of the Chinese authorities to the need to take all necessary measures to safeguard the very vulnerable rock site of Mogao Caves. The Committee would like to be kept informed of all action undertaken to this end.
The Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor 441 China (People's Rep. of) C(i)(iii)(iv)(vi) The Committee would like to be informed by the Chinese authorities of the plans for the archaeological exploration, presentation and management of the site.
Dja Faunal Reserve 407 Cameroon N(ii)(iv) The Committee strongly encouraged the Cameroon authorities to continue the process to upgrade the legal status of this reserve to strengthen its protection, and also to adopt and implement the draft management plan prepared by the GarouaCollege. The Committee encouraged the Cameroon authorities to continue detailed surveys of the flora and fauna and to increase the documentation on the natural resources. Finally, the Committee also requested the Cameroon authorities to ensure that the planning of the trans-­african highway would take into ...
Kilimanjaro National Park 403 United Republic of Tanzania N(iii) The Committee recommended that the Tanzanian authorities pursue plans for extending the Park to include more areas of montane forests and to continue their efforts to strengthen protective measures. In particular, the Committee requested that a management plan be prepared which would improve the effective management of the park. The representative of Tanzania informed the Committee that he would report on progress at the next session of the ...
Hanseatic City of Lübeck 272 Rev Germany (Fed. Rep. of) C(iv) The Committee recommended that the archaeological exploitation under the historic city of Lübeck be pursued, including in the zones not inscribed on the World Heritage List, and wished to be kept informed.