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40.  The representative of the United States of America expressed reservations on the continued need for temporary assistance to the Secretariat for the implementation of the Convention and abstained on the relevant item of the budget. In this respect the Secretariat drew attention to the fact that the proposed increase for temporary assistance is in proportion far smaller than the overall increase in the budget which corresponds to a considerable increase in the workload. The Secretariat further indicated that services to the Convention provided directly from the regular programme ...
The Committee upon recommendation of the Bureau approved the following technical co-operation requests: Nepal - Sagarmatha National Park (request n°120.1): $75,000 Tunisia - Baths of Antonius at Carthage (request n°37.1 and addendum): $118,000 Zaire - Virunga National Park (request n°63.1): $43,660 Zaire - Garamba National Park (request n°126.1): $19,120 Zaire - Kahuzi-Biega National Park (request n°137.1): $15,120 Ethiopia - Lalibela (request n°18.1): ...
35.  The Committee, as requested by Tanzania, approved an additional $7,000 for the preparation of a management plan for the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
38. The Committee decided to ask the Bureau to elaborate guidelines for the evaluation of technical co-operation requests which could be then reviewed and adopted by the Committee, and would be included in the operational guidelines.
The Committee urged States Parties to indicate in their future technical co-operation requests, details of their counterpart contribution as well as other contributions from bilateral or multilateral sources made or planned for the conservation of the property in question.
43. The Committee adopted the following budget for the period September 1980 to December 1981. B U D G E T September 1980 - December 1981 Activities                                              Funds brought forward from 1979-1980  Additional Funds allocated    Total Funds authorized  for the period September 1980 – December 1981  I. Prepatory ...
44. The Committee examined a proposal made by one of its members, presented as follows : "Contributions offered to the World Heritage Fund for international assistance campaigns and other Unesco projects of technical co- operation for any property inscribed on the World Heritage List shall be accepted and used as international assistance pursuant to Section V of the Convention and in conformity with the modalities established for carrying out the campaign or project". 45. The Committee adopted this proposal. 46. The Committee further agreed with the following recommendations : a) ...
47. The Representatives of IUCN and ICOMOS presented their point of view on this important topic. The Committee noted with satisfaction IUCN's plans for the preparation of a worldwide inventory of natural sites through worldwide distribution of questionnaires and organisation of a series of expert meetings during the next two years. 48. The Committee discussed the request of IUCN to establish a sub- committee for in depth review of and guidance on the preparation of inventories as well as on theme studies for comparative analysis. The Committee felt that this matter should be discussed ...
51. The Secretariat presented the draft of the report to be submitted by the Committee to the General Conference, pointing out that this docu- ment would have to be completed in accordance with the decisions made by the Committee at its fourth session. The Committee was informed that this report would be submitted to the programme commission on Culture and Communication as well as the programme commission on Science of the General Conference. The Committee adopted the draft report as presented and requested the Secretariat to incorporate the decisions taken at the present session.
52. His Excellency, Mr. Camille Aboussouan, the Ambassador at Unesco of Lebanon informed the Committee that his country will ratify the World Heritage Convention in the near future. He addressed the attention of the Committee to the need to protect the archaeological and cultural sites and monuments of the city of Tyr in conformity with the stipulations of the Hague Convention and referred in this respect to resolution S/RES/459 (1979) of the United Nations Security Council. 53. The Committee examined a proposed design for World Heritage Certificates and authorized the Chairman to ...